How To Catch A Rainbow Trout – What Is The Best Trout Bait To Use?

Many people are interested in learning how to catch a rainbow trout, but sometimes get confused as to which type of trout bait is the best to use. There are many different schools of thought when it comes to trying to catch a rainbow trout and the proper bait to use and this article will help to clear some of that information up.

I have been fishing for (and catching) rainbow trout in various trout fishing situations for more than twenty five years and in that time have learned various tips and tricks to catch these beautiful fish. There are many different types of trout bait available to the average trout fisherman, but the most effective are listed below, along with some advice for using them effectively. Now, are these the only baits that can be used to catch a rainbow trout? Of course not, but they are some of the most effective types of bait and should be used by anyone interested in how to catch a rainbow trout.


    • Live Baits – Live baits such as crickets, grasshoppers, worms, and even minnows are all effective baits to use when you are fishing for rainbow trout. Live trout baits are most effective when fished in the flowing waters of a river or stream and tend to be much less effective when fishing is lakes and/or ponds. This is especially true with live worms such as night crawlers or red worms. Live trout baits are very effective and one of the keys is to rig your live bait in the most natural manner possible. In essence you want your live bait to appear as much like it does in nature as is possible.


    • Artificial Baits – When you think of the term “trout fishing” many people automatically think of fly fishing and fly fishing obviously involves the use of artificial trout bait called artificial flies. Artificial flies mimic real insects incredibly well, and insects are a favorite food source for trout. “Fly fishing” is one of the best ways to fish lightweight flies effectively, thus the reason that fly fishing is so popular among trout fishermen. Artificial flies can also be used by spin fishermen by employing something called a casting bubble (or fly fishing bubble). Fishing with casting bubbles is easy to learn and something that anyone interested in learning how to catch a rainbow trout should have in their fishing repertoire if they use traditional spin fishing tackle and gear. For spin fishermen artificial trout baits such as small spinners, spoons, and even minnow imitations are effective trout baits as well. Raibow trout


  • Dough Style Baits – Dough style trout baits, such as Powerbait, are effective baits for rainbow trout, especially in lake fishing situations. The best tactic when using dough style trout baits is to “still fish” on a bottom rig in a lake that has been stocked with rainbow trout. Dough style trout baits are an excellent choice when attempting to catch a rainbow trout, there’s no doubt about it.


Whether you have been fishing for rainbow trout for years or you are just learning how to catch these beautiful fish there is no doubt that one or all of these tips will serve you well. If you want to catch rainbow trout one or all of these tips should be added to your arsenal sooner rather than later

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