Joomla CMS – Why Make a Website With Joomla and What Kind of Website Can I Have From This?

There are tons of websites on the Internet but not all of them are useful both for a visitor and the website owner. And I don’t even mention here the websites created by amateurs on their kitchen just to tell their friends they have a website on the Web. There are many websites created on the by-order basis that don’t carry any information.

This article is written for those who want to create a website for business and for fun. Here are some tips for your website to be useful both for you and your clients:

Always choose a design for your website not according to your preferences, but thinking of the end user. Don’t use bright colors, lots of flash animation if your potential clients are serious people. For them, it will be an indicator of your bad taste. But if you sell something like mobile themes, then you clients will be glad to see lots of graphics.

Website content is also very important. I’ve seen a lot of sites that made me think “Why this website was created at all?” Many websites just don’t contain the information their visitors are interested in. E.g. websites of factories that don’t contain a catalog of their products. And even if such catalogs are added, the prices are hidden as if it’s an underground workshop, and not a factory. The same is with small businesses that don’t want to confess how much their products cost even under threat of death. Such sites are simply useless. Because a website should not only help a user make his choice, but also save the time you spend answering the questions «How much does it cost?». If you offer a good product at a good price, don’t be afraid that your competitors will know your prices. They can find them out in other ways, so do not cause inconvenience for your clients, they won’t appreciate it.

I’d also like to say a few words about navigation on a website. Don’t create sites where a user will spend half an hour and lots of money on Internet traffic to find what he needs. Some websites have the structure that is not clear enough both for the users and the developers. And it is almost impossible to find the necessary info without a sitemap, and in some cases with its help as well. There are websites that contain much more information but it can be easily found. Think over the easiness of getting information by your users. e poe tegemine

Add only useful modules to your website. E.g. voting, newsletter, articles and other modules are useless for most websites. They clutter a site and turn it into a toy, and not the source of information. Decide on the modules and their usefulness according to your website audience. See the examples in paragraph 1.


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