Essential CPAP Supplies

People who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea can find relief with the use of a continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP machine. CPAP therapy is highly successful in reducing snoring and eliminating sleep apnea, thus allowing patients to get enough restful sleep. Because a CPAP machine is regularly used, you will need CPAP supplies to clean the different parts of the machine and to replace worn out parts. Deviated Septum Self Test

Many patients find it difficult to adjust to sleeping while wearing a CPAP mask. However, it is necessary for patients to persevere until they find a device that is comfortable for them to wear while maintaining the necessary air pressure to prevent apnea. Each person’s face is different, with different contours and sizes. This means that while one type of CPAP mask may fit perfectly on one person, it could be too tight or too loose for someone else. The shape of the cheeks and nose may prevent a mask from achieving a perfect seal.

Your doctor will provide the necessary prescription for a CPAP therapy and recommend a number of mask types that you can obtain from a CPAP supply specialist. A mask is one of the most essential CPAP supplies that you will be using. It is best to try on a few masks to see which one fits best. The specialist will also explain how to use the CPAP machine. It may take a few days or weeks before you can adjust to wearing a mask while you sleep. Experts recommend using a mask for at least 30 nights before deciding if it is a correct fit.

The filter on your CPAP unit has to be changed regularly. This accessory reduces allergens and bacteria that can cause respiratory problems. The tubes must also be replaced a few times each year. In addition, you will need other CPAP supplies such as replacement mask straps, mask cushions and forehead spacers. These accessories help keep the mask in place and maintain the prescribed air pressure. Over time, they will stretch and show signs of wear and tear. They will lose their effectiveness and will have to be replaced.

Cleaning supplies for your CPAP unit are necessary to remove dust, dirt, debris and skin oil from the mask. Cleaning must be done daily to prevent bacteria from breeding on the mask.

To ensure that your CPAP machine is working efficiently, you must replace all parts that are worn out. Replacement CPAP supplies are necessary to prevent air leaks or faulty seals that will prevent your machine from working effectively.

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