An Overview Of The Samsung Galaxy R And Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy range is seeing an ever increasing number of handsets added in order to cater to the varies needs of smartphone users. Two of the recent additions are the Galaxy R and the Galaxy Note. In this article I will take a look at some of the key features of these handsets so you can decide which one best suits your needs.

Samsung Galaxy R
The Samsung Galaxy R is similar in several ways to the manufacturer’s highly popular Galaxy S2, although it has a couple of downgraded features like its camera and processor, to make it more affordable. The handset has a number of pleasing specifications though. It has a 4.2 inch screen with a resolution of 480x 800, 1 GHz dual-core processor, a 5 megapixel camera and it runs the Android Gingerbread OS. 3G and Wi-Fi offer internet connectivity options, and of course users can download apps from the Android Market. The Samsung Galaxy R offers everything you could needs from a smartphone, with the added benefit of being more affordable than the Galaxy S2. samsung galaxy s21 5g

Samsung Galaxy Note
The Samsung Galaxy Note is a unique smartphone for several reasons. It is something of a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet, due to its 5.3 inch screen, which boasts a whopping resolution of 800x 1280, which blows the resolution of the iPhone 4S out of the water. The screen is a very impressive feature, but every aspect of the spec list includes premium features. The camera is 8 megapixels and can shoot 1080p video, and the 3G internet connection provides download speeds of 21 Mbps which is the highest currently available. A dual-core processor is also included with the Galaxy Note, and this boasts a huge 1.4 GHz of processing power, resulting in unrivalled performance from every aspect of the phone.

As you can see, the Galaxy R and Galaxy Note are two very different phones. The Galaxy R is more likely to suit those who are looking for great smartphone performance without paying too much, whereas the Galaxy Note is the ideal smartphone for those who are enthusiastic about gadgets and technology. The latter is also the more versatile of the two. Its large screen with its high resolution is ideal for multimedia use, and its stylus pen functionality and range of applications means it also lends itself to business use.

If you are interested in either of these handsets, you will be pleased to know that various UK manufacturers are offering the Galaxy Note for free on selected tariffs, whereas the Galaxy R is available on SIM free deals, allowing you to choose the network and tariff you prefer.

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